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Rural Route Transfers

What are DTF Transfers?

DTF Transfers aka Direct-to-Film transfers are high quality full color graphics printed directly to our hot peel film then coated with powder and cured giving you the most vibrant colors and durability. DTF transfers do not have any fabric restrictions and can be applied to a variety of products. Application with your heat press is quick and easy taking only a few minutes from start to finish. Our DTF Transfers will make you say goodbye to weeding vinyl, prints that crack and fade and say hello to soft, vibrant prints that last.

Rural Route Transfers Process

Build Your Gang Sheet Online

Let your creativity shine with our premium DTF Transfers. Pick from our wide range of designs or upload your own, size and arrange the designs with our custom gang sheet builder.

We Print and Ship to You

We Print all of our orders in-house with our commercial DTF Printers, top quality inks and the most durable DTF powder on the market to ensure you get the best transfers every time.

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Quick and Easy Application

Firm Pressure

Heat set at 300 Degrees

Press for 10 to 15 seconds

Let Cool for 10 seconds then peel

Press again for 10 seconds to set the transfer.

Our Ready-to-Ship DTF Gang Sheets

Don't know what designs to pick?

Want our Top Selling Designs?

Choose one of our Gang Sheet Packs. We've created Gang Sheets packed with our bestselling designs and the best part they are ready to ship!

Choose a Pre-made Gang Sheet from our most Popular Collections

High Quality DTF Transfers

Or start from scratch and build your own with your designs or from our library.

Build Your Gang Sheet

Custom Gang Sheet Builder, your one-stop solution for hassle-free, DTF designs - Rural Route Transfers

Gang sheet

After Transfer

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